New! Decimal Assessment System v4.0

This page is now retired and will not be updated.

What does it do?

APP Tracker Plus v13 is a simplified version of the popular APP Tracker Plus. Using APP assessment data, it provides powerful feedback on the performance of a pupil and a class.

  • Ofsted friendly - converts APP criteria into point scores.

  • Using point scores virtually eliminates issues of pupils showing no progress.

  • Automatically converts point scores to sublevels - encourages teachers to discuss specifically what a pupil can do, rather than what level they are at.

  • Adjust the weighting each assessment focus has on the overall level. New!

  • View the progress of a class on one sheet per level - know your children at a glance.

  • Use to support report writing and parent/carers meetings.

  • Track maths, reading, writing from levels 1 to 5.

  • Colour codes how well criteria has been met.

  • Gives a colour coded, easy on the eye view of whole class attainment.

  • Ranks pupils to assist in setting/streaming.

  • Calculates average performance relative to an assessment focus. Useful for planning intervention groups and informing school training needs.

  • Useful tool for moderation sessions.

To experience these and other features fully, please try the demonstration below.

What are the requirements?
You will need microsoft excel (some features will not work with versions older than 2002). You will also need to 'enable macros' when opening the spreadsheet. Try the demo below, or buy the full version.

APP Tracker Plus version 12 Demo
Primary APP Tracker Plus Demo - Demo includes Level 1 and 2 for writing.

Instruction Manual

Sample Report

Full version includes Levels 1 to 5 for Writing, Reading and Maths plus individual reports.

*The materials are for use by you and your school. They may not be passed to a third party or stored online. Online payments will be made through More information available from the pricing page.

Further Information