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school statistics - HalF term

Alternative Video Demonstration Video (Windows Media - 8:23, 71mb)

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School Stats Half Term Demo v6.0*
(Requires Excel 2002+)
*Please enable macros on opening


  • A Year group or class.
  • Attendance Information (new)
  • Miscellaneous Critieria (new) - for gifted & talented, behaviour, setting, research criteria or whatever you need
  • Gender
  • Special educational needs
  • Free school meals
  • English as a second language
  • Statements
  • Ethnicity
  • Enrollment Status (allows to filter out pupils who have left, or are new)

It also enables you to set a year target for pupils, and reports when a pupils has met a target, or how many sublevels progress they need to reach their target. It will also show the current sublevel progress sinve the start of the year.

You can filter any of the above criteria to give specific feedback. For example, you may wish to know how boys are performing. Or you may wish to know which pupils have met their end of year target.

This version has also been used very effectively as a research tool.