New! Decimal Assessment System v4.0

ASP Analysis - takes the key pages from your ASP and presents the information in a way that is easier to analyse and share with school stakeholders.
In-School Analysis - provides similar reports to our ASP Analysis but based on your In-School data.

  • Ranked tables and charts presenting group performance including attainment and progress* on a page

  • Written commentary on each group

  • On a Page (included when ordering whole school report, ASP Analysis only):

    • Headlines (including highest and lowest performing groups against Benchmarks)

    • Disadvantaged versus Non-Disadvantaged including gap analysis

    • Males versus Females On a Page including gap analysis

  • Analysis includes:

    • KS2: Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Combined Performance*

    • KS1: Reading, Writing and Mathematics Performance

    • Year 1 Phonics

    • EYFS

    • In-School Data Analysis - progress and attainment for any year group

    *Progress reporting is only available for Key Stage 2 or for In-School Analysis

Sample Reports (ASP Analysis):


"The report is set out very clearly and covers the key content. The product will be crucial to adding and updating our School Self-Evaluation Summary. Communication was swift and professional." - Primary School in Dagenham, London.


Want a Fairer ASP?

In the original ASP, some groups are not compared to the same group. For example, disadvantaged are compared to non-disadvantaged and SEND groups are compared to All Pupils. This is to set expectations high for these groups, but it does not inform how well your school is doing for those pupils and is more than likely going to appear negatively. With our ASP Analysis, you have the option of comparing groups to their national 'Like for Like' counterparts. Data is still drawn from national tables but will give a fairer impression on how your school compares.

We also provide the option to remove groups of pupils to see how this impacts on your overall data.


ASP Analysis and In-School Analysis

Our evolving analysis system began with analysing just the ASP. However, due to need and demand, we developed our systems to also analyse in-school data in a similar way to our ASP Analysis. Depending on the information provided, our In-School Analysis can analyse attainment (Expected and Greater Depth), Progress and also place pupils into Prior Attainment Groups as the ASP does. Progress can be measured from any starting point you wish including end of previous academic year, or end of previous Key Stage. This is particularly useful for current Year 5s (2017-2018) as you can get an early indication of what your ASP may look like a year in advance based on 2017 measures. We can also give you an early indication of your ASP for all phases based on 2017 measures.


Reports, Pricing and Consulatancy Option

One report is charged at £50.

If you refer another school and they complete an order, you will be given 10% discount on your next order. The school being referred will also receive 10% discount on their first order.

We also offer 10% discount on the total if ordering three or more reports, but this cannot be used with the referral discount.

One report is for one year group or phase. If you want a report that shows all pupils and another for the same cohort but with a group removed, this would mean two reports.

Although the reports are designed to be easy to interpret, we also offer an over the phone/skype consultantation. This is charged at £30 per half hour and will be rounded up to the next half hour. You should allow approximately 10 minutes per report. 



Once you have completed the order form below, we will send you an excel document in which to provide your data (see Privacy below). There are many options available when ordering, but we provide 'standard' options to simplify the process. If you are not sure about the options, please read the help text in the order form or please call or email us. Once we have the information we need, we will aim to provide the reports within three days. We will invoice you when we deliver the reports.
If you have quite a complex order, it may be better to order over the phone so we are sure we provide you with what you require as refunds cannot be provided.


Required Information and Privacy

We will not share any information with any third parties. We never ask for identifiable pupil information such as names and UPNs.



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